30 Day Challenge Day 15 THIS is the Halfway Point!

Okay, so I'm not so great at math, especially first thing in the morning after a good workout! TODAY is the halfway mark. We made it! High five! So wow! What did you think of today's workout? It certainly kicked my butt! I am actually a day behind. Yesterday my littlest was un-well and so my previous evening and all day yesterday was spent tending to him. I woke up extra early today to fit the workout in, but am not feeling 100% today myself. I did it though. A good sweat when I am not feeling well usually helps rid some of the toxins from my body, so hopefully I will be felling better soon! Let's talk about the workout. Ouch! It was a good one! I kind of wished I had a sandbag so I could do a little punching for the Krav Burpees. It's a nice way to get out frustration. Punching the air just isn't the same. My legs and butt, and abs actually after a couple of rounds, were feeling the Jump Squat Kick Outs. 50 seconds is a big difference from 30 seconds I find. I can do any exercise for 30 seconds, but that extra 20 seconds makes a huge difference. I have to dig deep to get through some of the exercises. 3D pushups. I tried the most advanced for the first set, but realized there was no way I could continue. I have very little upper body strength. Actually, I could barely do a push up on my knees when I first started Body Rock over a year ago, and now I can do a full push up for 50 seconds, so I have made improvement, but I am certainly not at the same level as the trainers! I had to do the 3D push ups walking out my hands. That was challenging enough for me. 2xV Ups. I really appreciate the ab exercises. Legs and abs are my strength. It's nice to have one exercise that makes me feel strong:) My hips sometimes do this weird clicking thing, it kind of sounds like bone on bone, so I kept me feet on the floor. I am worried about doing long term damage to my joints. I like walking, and using my legs, and don't want to loose that ability. My plan today was to wake up super early and do day 15 and day 16, but a pleasant surprise is that day 16 is a rest day! I am not sure I could have made it through another workout after Melissa's butt kicking! Have a great day! Gratitudes: A strong healthy body Photo on 14-01-30 at 7.06 AM

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