30 Day Challenge Day 15: I could possibly have died.

Thoughts: No I'm still alive and I'm feeling all those leg lifts from yesterday added on to the crazy hard weighted jump squat leg lift crap.  I mean I really liked it.  Sort of.  It pretty much felt as though my legs were just charred lumps of flesh.  I also gave up my weight after the first round.  I just couldn't do it.  My only other modification was on the 3D pushups.  I've got these stupid wimpy little arms that I'm trying to whip into shape.  They couldn't handle being on my toes so I went down onto my knees and did the push up then clap.  Killer hard. This challenge has been wonderful so far.  I have felt 'challenged' (oh ha ha) with the different moves that we've been doing and though I curse her during the workout I'm really pleased that Melissa adds in a "rest" period.  Its easy to just go through the motions during the 12 minutes but she's great at reminding you that if the workout is only 12 minutes then you have to kill it. Food: Ah!!! I ate crazy well today!  Its a huge accomplishment for me.  Breakfast was my pumpkin granola parfait (shocker) with veggie bacon, lunch was fruit fiesta salad with slice of whole wheat toast, dinner was rotisserie chicken with 1/6 of a sweet potato and about 7 brussel sprouts, then for desert I had a banana split with 1/4 cup yogurt, mocha powder, and about 15 chocolate chips.  All in all it was a wonderful food day for me.  I feel so proud of myself.  One small step for Rachael! Progress: I'm attaching the pictures down at the end for you to take a look.  There's a little bit of change but not much although I'm focusing a lot more on mental health and "mental toughness" as my dad calls it.  You can have a rocking body but if you don't love yourself and treat yourself well there's really no point.  I'm on my own journey and I wish you all the strength to keep on yours. Day 1   Day 15

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