30 Day Challenge: Day 16

Today is my official due date! I had a doctor's appointment today to see how things are progressing and I am definitely feeling the changes! There was a little more progress (one more cm) as we sit and wait patiently. I hope it will be soon because we are head over heels!

Today also marks the second half of the 30 Day BodyRock Challenge! I am so happy I decided to do this challenge; the recipes have been a lot of fun to make and I have discovered new ways to make foods that I have always loved-thank you nutritionist Ciara Foy!

My diet for today was as follows:

Breakfast: Flour-less protein waffles; just like the pancake recipe but made in a waffle maker-easy peasy!

Lunch: Baked lemon pepper tilapia filets with the BodyRock Kale Salad

Dinner: BodyRock's Tandori Chicken with the 3 Bean Salad.

Snacks: KIND Oats & Honey bar for my mid-morning snack and a cup of Oikos Greek yogurt for my mid-noon snack.

My workout this morning was a 3 mile jog/run on the treadmill. I mixed things up and did intervals-not a constant, steady run-to keep my body guessing. Also, running at a constant fast pace gets a little hectic when you are this far along in pregnancy! I have been turning to lots of walking and running lately to get my body prepared for labor & delivery. It looks like it is absolutely working as I have been having contractions all day long.


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