30 Day Challenge Day 16: Should I Rest?

Thoughts: Like I've said before, rest days aren't really rest days when you have children.  I had to change out of jeans yesterday because my daughter wanted to play "horsie"  for hours on end.  She does think that bridges and reverse planks are hilariously fun so I did get quite a bit of an arm and ab workout in yesterday. As much as I loved Lisa's last challenge, I found myself really struggling to get everything done.  I have no excuse with 12 minutes and I think I push myself a lot harder knowing it is only 12 minutes.  I did however love seeing how far exactly my body was capable of going.  I balked at the first day of skipping every other round but I found I could do it. Food: Today's our grocery store day, there's a HUGE winter storm that's going to bury half of the state of Colorado and just in case the roads are too bad to drive in, I want to have food.  When I first got the Nutrition Guide I made a complete grocery list of the foods necessary and just kept it for whenever I go to the grocery store.  Its an easy way to always make sure you get the right foods.  I honestly do not mind eating the same foods day in and day out.  I'd rather know how to cook them perfectly without having to look at the recipe and be able to get it done quickly then have to constantly find new healthy foods to cook.  I'm a little lazy that way. Progress: When I have a good eating day, like yesterday, I've realized that it sort of propels me onto the next day.  I wake up feeling amazing and I want to continue that.  Its a bit like working out, the more you do it the more you want to do it.  Oh wait that makes it sound like some sort of addiction...well a healthy one at least. So my little tidbit, don't give up.  Sometimes it feels like you're not making an iota of difference in your life, body, or relationships...but you are.  Rome wasn't built in a day.  Just start chipping away at everything you don't like and enjoy the process.

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