30 Day Challenge: Day 17

Day 17 Since yesterday was a rest day I was pumped to get up this morning and workout hard. Melissa started out telling us what a positive experience this has been for her and the other trainers and I feel like they have spread that positivity to the viewing public. I always feel great after I do these workouts and I can truly feel my metabolism raging all day long. My appetite has been on fire, my metabolism is so fast right now I’m hungry almost all the time. I like following the meal plan and having healthy snacks in-between meals. I have noticed I’m craving only healthy foods, like smoothies and fruit when I’m hungry. I love the results I’m seeing from my body so it’s even more incentive to keep eating healthy. Today’s workout was super tough for me; I was sweating from the first move “Side Hops” with the sandbag. Jumping over the sandbag at a fast pace was harder than I thought it was going to be but that wasn’t even the toughest move today. The hardest move for me was “One Arm Mountain Climbers,” these worked my abs, arms and legs. This was also the last move in the round so I had to do it when I was the most tired. I didn’t eat this morning before my workout, I decided to do the workout first and eat after and let me tell you that was a bad idea. I try to eat before I workout but today I thought I would be fine, well I wasn’t. This was the only day I had to stop during  the workout and rest for a couple of seconds. I understand now that I must always fuel my body before I attempt a workout. After my workout I had a smoothie with this new raw vegan protein powder I got and it was delicious and as soon as it touched my lips I knew I should have had it before my workout. Now I know for next time or should I say tomorrow.

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