30 Day Challenge Day 17 I Can't Even Think Straight!

Day 17! WTF! That was so hardcore! I am still not feeling well. I was still in bed 40 minutes after my alarm went off this morning, coming up with reasons why I shouldn't get up and do my workout today. Finally I realized I really didn't have a solid excuse, so I dragged my sick butt out of bed and struggled through the workout. I was grateful that today was only two rounds. I felt pretty confident there was no way I could do those exercises again. Like I said, I am not feeling well, so was not at the top of my game. I appreciated the little pep talk at the end about having more challenging days, because we are tired, sick etc.. but we can still put in our 110% for that day. Push ourselves as hard as we can, that day. I had been feeling down on myself for not pushing harder, and that I was weaker then other days, but I pushed myself as hard as I could today. I did the max my body could do today, and I still worked up a good sweat. It was better then no workout! Which exercise did you struggle with the most? For me it was the One Handed Mountain Climbers! My gosh those were killer! I will admit to having to put both hands on the floor several times. So at this point in the game, if you have been sticking to a healthy meal plan, you should be seeing some results. Let's hear about them? Have you discovered a new food, or meal that you love? If you are struggling, have you purchased the Nutrition Guide? I highly recommend it. I find it very helpful when I am transitioning to have a well laid out plan, and the Nutrition Guide is very helpful. There are plenty of delicious recipes. If you are struggling, the guide will be a helpful tool. day 9-diet day Here are a few simple meals that I have been eating:   Image   Scrambled eggs with kale, bacon, sauerkraut and olives, for those extra hungry days.   Image 1   Tuna nori role with avocados, and caesar salad. Image 2 Lettuce wraps filled with tuna, or chicken and veggies. These are all super quick, filling, and healthy. I think today's workout deserves a high ten! Photo on 14-01-31 at 8.05 AM   Gratitudes: It is Friday and we have the whole weekend free to spend as a family :)  

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