30 Day challenge- Day 17: No days off

Yesterday was our "rest day". I think rest days are important but if you don't feel like you need one then keep going and take one when you do. I headed out with my Partner to San Jose yesterday, that's 200 miles of love. We wanted to check out a good friend of ours gym and class. It was a great workout! We learned a couple things that we are going to incorporate with our clients. Screenshot_2014-01-31-13-34-41 I encourage you to find good people to workout with. Your more likely to stick to a plan and have fun when you are accountable to each other. It also helps to have someone who is a little fitter than you, they will push you to keep going. On to DAY 17- Those 1 arm mountain climbers were tough! I am so glad I was in my living room because I kept tumbling over. This gave my son and I a good laugh :) I am fighting a cold today and feel pretty under the weather. I can't seem to stop sneezing and sniffling but life goes on. Hopefully I will be better by tomorrow because I still have to finish my work week. Food-
  • Chicken Salad
  • Apple
  • lots of tea and lemon water
  • piece of Ezekiel bread with nut butter and I haven't had dinner yet.
  PART_1391149031090_IMG_5469.jpg_2 (1)   Cheers, Britney

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