30 Day Challenge: Day 2 ...feeling good

Wow! Day 2 was amazing. Rita - I've not worked out with her yet so I didn't know what to expect. I loved her! She really needs to let loose with her adjectives. Go ahead and kick my ass!!!

All that aside, she was so real. I appreciate this about the trainers at Bodyrock. While I love Lisa-Marie's energy, it is nice to mix it up and see someone who is not quite sure of themselves on camera yet. (I can relate). I love the shouts from off-camera too!

The Workout... I had to modify almost all of these. I am a big girl and its hard to admit that my body gets in my way. The exception was the Burpee Row. I can power through these like a champ...though maybe not as fast as Rita. The Side Plank Lift & Through I removed the leg, held the plank and put my arm up and down. I am getting better at side plank but holding it is even tough still. (Also my triceps are still super sore from TRX yesterday). Skipping is fun but tough on those fine fascia muscles in the ankle. Single Leg Thrusts I did as long as I could until form was sacrificed and then I just held the leg in the air. Rita's last set of Sandbag Swings was my favorite - she sounded as tired as I was. This was the only one I didn't have to modify at any point in the workout. Plank Walk Out...the last two sets were torture.

Food...Today was another run and eat kind of day. I had a piece of Dave's Killer Bread with peanut butter on it and a cup of coffee in the morning. I ate cranberries and almonds for snack. The husband surprised me at lunch with a salad and tomato basil soup from one of our favorite restaurants. No time for an afternoon snack and it was a mistake. By the time 5 o'clock rolled around and we had to take our daughter to ballet, I was famished. He offered to make a Starbuck's run when he saw me yawn and I didn't even think to say no. One Tall Cinnamon Dolce Latte later I was ready to keep going. Dinner was out tonight  - a glass of red wine with Pesto Margarita Chicken, broccoli and a small serving of potatoes. Topped it off with a quick run through Costco, my workout and here I am. Not too bad but I can do beter.

Normally this is a run-at-lunch + stronger runner strength class kind of day. However, I took today off (except from Bodyrock) to recuperate for Friday and Saturdays workout plans. My body is still adjusting to the increase in activity so I am trying to listen to it when its tired. Speaking of tired...I am off to sleep so I can get up for a 5:45 AM spin class. See you tomorrow.


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