30 Day Challenge Day -2: Get Ready

Do you ever say you'll do something, & then immediately think, "What was I thinking??!!"  I signed up for the new 30 day challenge weeks ago, and am quite excited about it.  Then I volunteered to blog about my experience each & every one of those 30 days.  Now if I skip a day or something comes up, I have to answer to all of you, & myself.  That level of accountability is much worse than my husband mocking my attempts to wake up early to workout (which I have totally been doing, by the way!). As soon as I committed to write my experience, I thought CRAP.  I'm going out of town for a week & it really will be tough to workout.  You know what though?  It's called the 30 day Challenge for a reason.  If it were going to be easy, it would be called something else, like "The 30-day Walk on the Beach." Like most things, preparation will be the key to success.  I'm packing my jump rope, timer, & will be modifying the heck out of things.  If I can keep up with the challenge in a hotel room, waiting room, & airport, you can from home! Think about what you can do now to set yourself up for a successful 30 day challenge.  Do you need to clean out your fridge?  Stock your cupboards with healthy foods?  Buy new shoes or a more supportive sports bra?  Do your best to remove any obstacle that may hinder your ability to make it through the 30 days now.  When you are sore & tired, those things have louder voices than they do now.  I'll be taking pictures & measurements tomorrow.  Consider doing the same so that if you feel discouraged, you can measure your progress, too. We can do this!  Ok, get ready! Jessica Image taken by me

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