30 Day Challenge Day 2 Sweat!

20130421015109-get-ripped-with-hit-body-lisa-s-the-daily-hit Day 2 down! Another great workout! The side planks and leg thrusts were challenging. My butt and abs were burning! I really enjoyed the variety of exercises today. What was your favourite exercise today? The one that challenged and worked you the most? Or are you like me, and they all pushed you to the limit? I am keeping it short today. The workout was posted before my children woke up, but just. I hear the stirrings of little people. I am off! Time to feed the little people as well as myself. On the menu today is grain-free nut porridge, soup, and chicken with sautéed veg. Also, I found a recipe for grain free sourdough bread!! I will be baking a loaf today so I can have sandwiches! Oh I love a good sandwich! What are you eating to fuel your body? Photo on 14-01-16 at 8.08 AM #3  

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