30 Day Challenge: Day 20 - Happy Birthday and a Talk On Modifications

Today I turned 37 but I sure don't feel like it! I think a lot of how we feel at any given age is due to diet, exercise, and mindset. I've been on my journey of living well since 2008 or so, and while I have had some months where I haven't worked out enough, or ate out too often, over all I've kept it more healthy than not and I think it shows. I can definitely feel it too!

The workout

I loved the workout today. Those push up push backs were great. I love how Melissa always seems to come up with new variations for exercises to make them challenging. All of her workouts are also so easy to modify for beginners. You can always do push ups on your knees, or do just one part of the exercise etc. The most important thing is to keep moving through the workout. Just because you can't do the workout just like Melissa doesn't mean that you should skip the workout entirely! Someone asked a question about whether or not they should get into shape first, then come back and do the 30 day challenge. The answer is no. The 30 day challenge will get you into shape. You don't need to be in shape to do the challenge. Just modify for your own skill level! Find the workout video along with a workout breakdown and warm-up/cool down videos for day 20 here.


Still no modifications for my back. I did however modify for my skill level (as always). I haven't really been going over skill modifications in these logs since it is different for everyone, but I will tell you what I did for today.
  • Push up + Squat - These I did on my knees for the push ups. I was able to jump up into the squat, but if you cannot, then step up into the squat position. It's about finding a similar movement that you can do.
  • Knee Up + Legs Over + Lunge - This one I used my homemade equalizer bars and required no modifications for me. If you cannot do the knee ups, then skip them. If you can't kick your leg over your dip station or equalizer, then kick your leg up as high as you can.
  • Push Back Push Ups - Again, these I did on my knees. I cannot do a push up from my toes to save my life right now, but I can certainly do them from my knees.
  • Ab Swimmers - These I did a combination of the advanced (hands out in front) and the modification (hands behind you on the floor) depending on how worn out I was. It's OK to move back and forth from the advanced to the modified versions if you need a bit of a rest to keep going. Sometimes a rest is simply doing the modified version of an exercise, rather than stopping all together.
Day 20

Food log


Coffee with a tablespoon of gelatin, and a small bowl of oatmeal


Thai coconut soup with rice (recipe here)


Banana, peanut butter, and milk


Steak ( I know, I know... I should have had some greens, but I just wasn't hungry for them!)

Click here to see all the videos and my daily logs for this challenge.

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