30 Day Challenge Day 21 Stretch it Out!

Dance and Yoga! I know that they are not the popular choice, but I do kind of enjoy the change up. I did both videos, and found that this time around I was able to follow the dance routine more closely. At least up until we put it all together. Then it was 10 times faster and I just flailed around my room trying my best to work up a sweat :) Yoga, as I have said before, is my first love, so of course I appreciated this routine. I really enjoyed the back bends. My back is usually sore from slouching, and I have neck tension from sewing. I tend to carry all my stress in my shoulder, neck, scalp area, so the back bends helped loosen, lengthen and stretch these tight areas, which I found impressive. I didn't realize such a short routine could have noticeable results. I would like to make a commitment to myself to add a bit of Yoga to the end of my day, everyday. My body clearly needs it. It is not just for the stretching, but also for the mind. The morning exercise wakes me up and gets me motivated for the day, but Yoga brings me inside myself. It brings awareness to my body, and reminds me to slow down and pay attention to myself, as well as to my needs. When I started doing Yoga at 19 years old, I was working at a spa as an Aromatherapist. I gave Aromatherapy massages and facials. In my new found practice of Yoga there was a focus on breath. Breathing in and out with each movement. The reminders not to hold the breath, but to use the breath to open and deepen the postures. With this new skill, (yes breathing is a skill, one that I forget to use often) I realized I had to learn to do the massages all over again with breath. Breathing helped improve the act of giving the massage, allowing me to release MY tension while I gave the massage. I also recognized that in my day to day life I just wasn't breathing properly. Holding my breath, or taking short breaths, and not exhaling fully. I decided to make a change, and bring awareness to my breath. Upon waking each morning, before leaping out of bed, I would spend a couple of minutes focused on my breath. Inhale fully, pause, exhale fully, pause, repeat. Try this for a few rounds. How does it feel? I think it's good practice to give ourselves permission each day to breathe. Even if it's just for a minute. Photo on 14-02-04 at 8.13 AM #3 Gratitudes: Supportive friends and family <3  

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