30 Day Challenge: Day 22

Day 22 Strength training with Rita was just what the doctor ordered for me today. Every move involved the sandbag and Rita pushed it hard today. The 3rd round of this workout she went all out and during the burpee section she was flying. I kept up with her during the workout and it felt good to move fast and before I knew it the workout was over. It flew by and I was happy with myself for coming home from work and doing my workout ASAP. I liked Rita’s pep talk, motivating and helpful I felt connected with her when she spoke about your own fitness journey and it made me reflect on my own. I will keep going (exercising) after this Challenge, finding other challenges to go on and complete. I find the people who put their mind and body to a challenge and complete it are more successful in life. I think when you finish a challenge you have shown yourself you can complete anything and you are more likely to attempt more and finish more. I have always been an active person but I have also had weeks of non-activity too, I think it says a lot about a person who becomes active and sticks with it for life. I have become one of those people and I will continue to stay active and push myself to new heights. I’m kind of excited for the last 8 days of this Challenge because I think these last days are going to push my body into overdrive. I have my eye on the prize and I will not give up, after the Challenge is complete I plan on stepping up my cardio and adding extra ab work to get the six-pack I have been working so hard for.

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