30 Day Challenge Day 22 Only 8 Days to Go!

Wow! Can you believe how close we are to the end?! I can't! I really appreciated the weight today. I realized during the workout that there hasn't been a lot of weights, so it was nice to have a whole workout dedicated to the Sandbag. I do not have a Sandbag, but I do have a 15lb kettlebell and 5 lb ankle weights. This is my replacement for a Sandbag or any heavy weight. Photo on 14-02-05 at 8.24 AM   Somehow, during the last round, I went on auto pilot and was alternating legs for the forward lunges, so I just stuck with it. Other then that, I smashed through and enjoyed it. I felt I got a full body workout. I really liked the passion Rita showed while demonstrating how to use the workout to release our frustration and anger! I like to use my workouts to burn off any extra negativity so I can give my family my best for the rest of the day. I find exercise a great way to get out gross emotions. When my children, or myself, are in a grumpy space, the first thing I do is get us outside and moving. The fresh air helps lighten our moods, and moving gets our blood pumping, which rids us of the grumpies. It also changes the focus. Sometimes, in the case of my littlest who has decided he doesn't like walking at all, getting outside makes everyone grumpier. When we return home everyone is so happy to be home that they forget about being grumpy and get right to playing or reading. Either way, leaving the house is a win! What do you do for your bad moods? Do you find exercise helps? My solution to a terrible mood: exercise, and chocolate. Chocolate solves everything! :P Gratitudes: A stronger and healthier body each day! Photo on 14-02-05 at 8.23 AM  

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