30 Day Challenge Day 24 - No equipment (again)!

Some days I am super excited to workout, and others I would rather just eat my lunch and relax.  Today was the latter, but since no one improves their fitness by skipping workouts to eat, I worked out before eating my salad. Since I worked out on lunch break, I had to come up with an alternative to the reverse push-up/pull up on the dip station.  I chose to do breakdance push ups + a toe touch. What is a breakdance push up with toe touch?

do a push up pivot your body into the crab do a crab toe touch (touch your hand to the opposite foot) pivot back to plank & push up, then repeat to the other direction

You can modify the difficulty by keeping only one hand and foot on the ground while pivoting vs both feet, and by doing the push up from your knees, regular, or with 1 foot lifted off the ground. Here is a (lame) video I made.  Please don't judge my cinematography "skills"!  I'm a mom with a full time day job; I'm not a professional.  I'm also not a trainer, so if you don't like my video or want to see better form, please watch this other demonstration (which does not show the crab toe touch). Day 24 Workout Breakdown 4 Exercises - 3 Rounds Timer setting: 12 rounds of 50 seconds work + 10 seconds active rest (plank)mwhXI01391848596 Today I skipped the active rest. I prefer to log my reps & jump rope after the workout. What You Need: > Dip Station (I didn't use it) > Timer (or just follow along with the video) *Plank* 1) Surfers 13 - 12 - 12 *Plank* 2) Pull Ups Breakdance push up + crab toe touch (full) 9 - 9 - 9 *Plank* 3) One Arm Half-Burpees 15 - 14 - 13 *Plank* 4) Leg Drop + Hip Lift + Toe Touch 11 - 12 - 12 Followed with jump rope: 3 sets of [10/30 x 6 rounds = 4min per set] = 12 min jump rope.  Switching from 10/20 x 8 to 10/30 x 6 made the skipping harder! How did you do? Jessica Image credit: http://images.rodale.com/fitbie/pdf/images/fall12/fi-only-workout-regret.jpg

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