30 Day Challenge: Day 25

Day 25 Only 5 days left of this Challenge and I'm sore from yesterday's kickass workout. I also got my monthly visitor today (if you know what I mean) so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw dance and yoga would be today's workout. Today's dance was actually like a mini ballet class. Have you ever watched a ballet class before? It is very difficult and a total workout. Ballerinas are stronger than they look. I do social media for a local ballet studio and when I go and take photos I see the ballerinas working very hard. Ballet is a dance of strength and stamina. You have to be strong to be a ballerina both physically and mentally. One of the classes I attended consisted of repeating the same moves 16 time until they were perfected. I enjoyed this class with Brooke today and it made me feel like I could dance black swan. I could also feel my glutes working when I was lifting my leg back 16 times. I could tell I was working during this ballet class but I was also having fun remembering what I had learned as a kid doing ballet. Yoga Sun salutations is one of the staples of yoga so it felt good to unwind with these after a busy day at work. I enjoyed learning about the ying yang and how they symbolize so many things in life even your workout. It was calming to finish with yoga and really connect my breath to my body. I feel very relaxed now. Since every Sunday is a rest day I already know what is in store for tomorrow but I anticipate a killer workout with Rita or Melissa Day 27. Here it to Monday!

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