30 Day Challenge: Day 29

Day 29: The Super Hero Workout also known as the hardest workout of the entire Challenge. Melissa brought it today using two of the same moves we did on day 1 with “Spiderman Kick Throughs” and “Rope Pulls” she tested our strength and endurance. I have to hand it to Melissa she pushed me to go further and push my body to new peaks. I’m a little sad this Challenge is almost over and I won’t see Melissa on a semi-daily basis but she did say today that she would be back with other challenges so I think I will be able to work out with her soon. Melissa you have kicked my booty into better shape during this Challenge, thank you so much. I am a true fan and am ready for whatever Melissa throws at me next. Today’s workout made me feel like a super hero because I was pushing myself like a super hero pushes themselves. I completed this extremely physical routine and I only have one more day until I’ve completed this 30 day Challenge. We are all super heroes for finishing this Challenge. Each move of this routine was tough and I was sweating before the end of round one. I had to push myself and close my eyes to finish “Rope-Pulls” at the end of the last round. That move doesn’t look hard but it sneaks up on you when you are doing them and all of a sudden you feel as if you can’t go on. After this workout I was laying on the ground, sweating and unable to get up, I needed a few minutes to relax and reboot. When I did get up I chugged an entire bottle of water and was pumped to only have one more workout. See you on Day 30!

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