30 Day Challenge - Day 30! A Recap & Results

So, this is a long post.  First is the Day 30 workout.  Below that are my results.  Below that is a link to the entire challenge on Bodyrock, & all of my daily challenge posts. DAY 30 Video Workout Breakdown What you Need: > Timer (or just follow the video) > Sand Bag (I used a set of 8 lb dumbbells) > Dip Station (I substituted lying leg lifts) 30 Seconds of work + 10 Seconds of rest Set your timer for 18 rounds (3 rounds of 5 exercises = 15, + 3 30 second plank holds = 18 timer rounds) 1) Sand Bag Thrust I did a squat with shoulder press then a squat with tricep press 10 - 11 - 10 2) Knee Ups Lying Leg Lifts 13 - 12 - 12 3) Around the World Planks (didn't count) 4) Long Jumps 10 - 10 - 10 5) Wide Swings Dumbbell Swings 18 - 16 - 17 PLUS 30 hold of: Plank Side Plank LT Side Plank RT Followed with 12 minutes of 10 sec rest/20 sec work interval jump rope MY RESULTS Did you think you would be able to complete this entire challenge?  It has put me back on track as far as consistently working out.  I signed up to blog about it so that I would have an extra push to complete my workouts on time.  I can honestly say that I only missed one workout, & that was due to whiplash after a car accident.  I also added quite a few bonus workouts. Diet-wise, I mostly ate clean, but I didn't carefully watch portions.  As much as I would love to be strict about portions, every single time that I am, my milk supply significantly drops (I breastfeed my son).  I know where I need to make improvements, and fully intend to follow through on those areas when I can. Take my case as evidence that working out will only take you so far - abs ARE made in the kitchen, and in my case portion sizes are what need to be modified. Here's my progress from pre-baby through pregnancy to Day 15: day 15 Here's my progress from Day 1- Day 30: HDH2UF1392365410 I know my pictures do not look very different, but I am stronger, have more energy, and my pants feel looser than they did Jan 15th.  I lost 4 pounds, a half inch off both my waist & hips, and measured at 24% body fat today (vs 26% Day 1).  While I don't look like my pre-baby picture yet , overall I am happy with my results.  They are not dramatic, but I have reestablished healthy habits which over time will yield the result I want. RECAP & 30 DAY CHALLENGE LINKS I'm going to miss having a real time workout with a typed breakdown delivered to my inbox daily!  Are you wondering what comes next? Hopefully we feel the same way: more of the same comes next!  I'm going to keep doing Bodyrock/Daily HIIT workouts, jumping rope, and eating cleanly.  Why stop just because the challenge is over?  We can repeat the same challenge, try another one (like Lisa's longer real time challenge from last year), or pick from the hundreds of workouts available on the websites. Here is the entire 30 Day Catching Fire Challenge on Bodyrock.tv Here are all of my articles.  Most detail the workout breakdown, have a video link, & detail substitutions.   A few posts have recipes, & a few include workouts I made up throughout the challenge: Day 1 - Not So Bad! (Includes a bonus workout) Day 2 - 18 Awesome Minutes Day 3-6 - Quick & Effective Day 7 - Make It Work Day 8 - Total Body Workout/Massacre Day 9 - REST DAY - What Rest?  No Rest For the Wicked Alternative Workout Day 10 - Holy Sh*t Rita! Day 11 - My Poor, Poor Legs Day 12 - REST DAY = Quinoa & Turkey Stuffed Peppers Day 13 - Make It Count Day 14 & 15 - Halfway Done & 1 Year After Baby Day 16 - To Rest, or to Build a Better Booty? Day 17 - Workouts & Whiplash Don't Mix Day 18 - An awesome Workout & a Vegetable Quinoa Recipe Day 19 - REST DAY Day 20 - A Dip Station-Free Version Day 21 & 22 - I [heart] My Sandbag Day 23 - REST DAY Day 24 - No Equipment (again)! Day 25 - Give It a Fair Chace Day 26 - REST DAY Day 27 -Shoulder Death Day 28 - Yoga & a 10 Minute Bonus Workout Day 29 -Awesome Oblique Burn Day 30 - The End I hope you loved the challenge as much as I did.  Thanks Bodyrock Team! Jessica

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