30 Day Challenge Day 4 and 5: Just keep Hiiting...

Thoughts: So often life gets in the way of our training.  Life comes in many forms sometimes looking like long hours at work, toddlers that are a full time job themselves, illness, or exhaustion.  Although sometimes life can be worked around and you can squeeze in a workout...there are times when its just not possible.  In those cases just cut yourself a break.  I'm not talking about making excuses but simply when the time just doesn't exist. Food: I haven't been as good about my diet as I would have wanted.  I falter most when we go over to other people's houses and there aren't the right foods that I would have wanted to eat.  Then it comes down to good portion control or better yet, to eat before you go. Progress: There's not much so far but I am feeling stronger already, especially when I push myself and practice good mental health.  But also remember that you are going to falter.  You're not going to be perfect and you aren't going to be able to go from a bad diet or exercise regimen to perfection over night.  Just resolve to change one thing a week, make small little changes that are sustainable.  For me, I'm not drinking during the week and I'm limiting myself to one small "treat" a day. Keep at it.

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