30 Day Challenge Day 4 Keep Pushing!!

Day4 Day 4 smashed! I added on weight for the forward and back lunges. I felt I needed an extra burn. My exercises space is very tiny. I work out in our computer room, which is a small den in our house. The jumps prove to be difficult in that I have minimal space. Actually I have just enough space to jump from one end of my room to the next! The workout was perfect for me. I am a little blue today, and not feeling as enthusiastic, so it was the ideal pace for me. It's the weekend! This is a tricky time for food. We are out of our week day routine, and there is much more temptation. Tonight I am bringing my oldest son to a pizza party. I don't eat pizza because I get major tummy aches, but I know there will be other tempting junky food, like chips, maybe even my biggest temptation...chocolate!!! But I am aware of my weaknesses and am prepared. I have food ready to bring with me, so that I am not "hungry". I am preparing myself mentally by reminding myself how horrible I feel when I eat junky food. I have a very physical reaction to food (I have many food sensitivities) so it is easy for me to bring up those uncomfortable feelings, and turn away from the seductive foods. Not everyone has these reactions to food, so reminding yourself why you are choosing to eat healthy might be helpful, because it is a choice. You are making the choice to be healthy, not being forced, not restricting, but choosing. It feels better when we have a choice don't you think? The other thing to remember is that we are human. Sometimes we give into temptation, and it feels oh so good at the time, but then we beat ourselves up and feel terrible. Try not to beat yourself up. Sometimes we trip and stumble, but we can still keep going! Okay, my littlest has had enough of me sitting on the computer! It is time for me to go give him the love and attention he deserves. Don't forget to give yourself the love and attention you deserve:) Photo on 14-01-18 at 8.00 AM #2

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