30 Day Challenge: Day #6


Hi BodyRockers!

Today is day 6 of the 30 Day Challenge and it is going very well. Ever since starting the plan, I have been feeling a lot more energy than usual-something I definitely need here in my last few days of pregnancy!

I started the day with a 90 minute workout:

  • 30 minutes stair climbing
  • 30 minutes of elliptical
  • 30 minutes of body weight exercises including 100 squats! (Squats are an amazing exercise to do especially late in pregnancy as it helps widen the pelvic canal for an easier labor & delivery.)
For breakfast, I made the gluten & dairy free quiche from the BodyRock Diet Plan and added kale, tomatoes, & onions. I love eggs! For lunch, I made a feta cheese, strawberry, & pecan salad with a homemade light strawberry vinaigrette. I ate a small chicken breast on the side. For dinner, we ate at a friend's house and she made my husband and I a rotisserie chicken with a side of fresh baked green beans, brown rice, and sauteed mushrooms. My snacks for the day included: fresh edamame, dark chocolate covered almonds, boiled eggs, and Greek yogurt. To make my day even more special, we had our weekly checkup with our OB doctor to see how my pregnancy is progressing. Weight gain is now at 25lbs total and the minor swelling in my ankles have disappeared! We also got word that I am 75% effaced & 1cm dilated! My due date is in 9 days and we are so ready to meet our little man. Though I wont be able to exercise immediately after birth until given the green light to do so, I do plan on doing some light walking or jogging only if my body feels up for it (thank goodness for jogging strollers!). I most certainly will be sticking to a clean diet and the BodyRock 30 day challenge  recipes, but eating enough calories for breastfeeding, too. I believe this plan will help me to lose the baby weight in no time!

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