30 Day Challenge Day 6: I am BAD AS*

Ok...so just kidding.  I just try to make myself think that I'm awesome. Thoughts: I'm feeling great.  I'm actually a day behind so I hiit the Day 6 workout this morning and I'm going to do Day 7 tonight to get caught up. Food: Its so worth the effort to just plan out your meals a little bit and to really try and put in all of the veggies that you can into your diet.  I am going to clear out sugar from my diet this week and alcohol as well.  Last night I was super hungry and knew I needed to eat or I'd spend the whole night awake.  So I had a little bit of cheese and some grapes.  Light and healthy and delicious.  The only thing that was missing was some French bread... Progress: My body is doing great and I love how quickly I can see the difference when I eat right.  The thing to remember is that you have to first master yourself.  You have to know what your weaknesses are and keep yourself from being tempted in the first place.  Learn how to say no to yourself.  As much as we all love cake and chocolate and wine...try to limit it.

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