30 Day Challenge Day 6 Try Something New

  Phew! Day 6! I am loving all these new exercises! It works the body in a new way, which challenges the muscles and gets results. The 180 Jump Leaps were fun. At one point I almost tangled my feet in the air and was worried I was going to do a face plant, but I managed to get my feet back under me and land safely. I really like the active rests that Melissa is incorporating in her workouts. It keeps my momentum going. How was your weekend? Did you slip up with food? Did you stay active on your rest day? I didn't slip up, but I also wasn't very active on Sunday. To be fair on myself, I have been active everyday other than Sunday. The weather here has been glorious, so we have been spending a lot of time at the beach, and taking long walks. With three boys, I spend a lot of time finding ACTIVE activities to burn off their energy. Saturday my 7 year old had soccer, then we went to a beautiful beach where we walked, ran, climbed, played in the water, then came home and I took my oldest son to his youth group activity, which was climbing. That turned into a pizza party sleepover for us (I did not take part in the pizza eating. Though I was VERY tempted!), so Sunday I was pretty pooped! Actually I am still pretty burnt out, but I managed to peel myself out of bed this morning, before my kids woke up, and do my 12 mins. I can't say I have any regrets! High fives all around for working out! Photo on 14-01-20 at 7.44 AM #2  

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