30 Day Challenge Day 7: I just need sleep

Thoughts: I love this challenge.  I’ve heard a lot of people ask for longer ones like Lisa did last time but to be honest that challenge was hardest for me with the time.  When you are juggling a job and parenting and all that being a mom and wife entails, it can get a little overwhelming.  So I made a deal with myself to make it up (the length of the workouts) by really changing my diet and being contentious about what I eat instead of mindlessly picking something from the fridge. Food: So there it is. I’m trying to eat better and I’m having a hard time.  I love chocolate and cake and cupcakes and little treats now and then.  So I’m cutting back to really making them a “treat.”  As in not all the time.  I’ve also been removing starches after about 2-3 pm and just having protein and veggies for dinner. Day 7 Progress: My new sports bra came in the mail today!!! Hurray it’s so beautiful.  It’s also from Moving Comfort, its called the Vixen and it’s awesome.  If you need more support like me it helps hold everything in.  But beyond my sports bra...I’m doing great.  Life is a balancing act that’s all I can say. But sleep...my daughter's been weird about her sleeping patterns lately and its rather exhausting.  My heart goes out to all you moms with newborns.  Its rough.

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fgiebkiykc July 27, 2020

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