30 Day Challenge Day 8 Bring on the Heat!

Yeow! I can't decide which exercise I hated, I mean loved the most! Melissa really brought the fire today! My legs were burning. My arms were burning. My whole body was on fire! I always like to read over the exercises before I do the workout so I can mentally prepare myself for what's coming. Nothing could have prepared me for this inferno! Like Ninja Tuck Jumps aren't hard enough, adding on the 180 jump. That was intense! Bent Body Pushups were not what I was imagining in my head. You would think my arms were what hurt the most during this exercise, but no, it was my legs from the previous exercise. I had to be careful when I jumped to the right, because my left shoulder was making a clicking noise, so I just didn't go down as far, but it still burned. So I think it is safe to say, my legs were what suffered the most during this work out, though my whole body felt the pain. I just felt it the most in my legs. The lateral jumps contributed to this target area. I really wanted to cheat during this exercise and not bring my butt down. By this time I was giving Melissa a harsh glare. I am SO glad she couldn't see me! I can't imagine what kind of pain she would have released on me. Melissa, I really hope you don't read this, and if you do, I love you and think you are the greatest. Please don't hurt me! By the time I got to Plank Kick Outs my whole body was shaking, and sweat was collecting in a pool on my floor. Thank you Melissa! This was an awesome workout. Even though I wanted to curse you during the highest points of my suffering. Okay I am dripping sweat all over my keyboard, and my children are running like wild animals upstairs, so it is time for me to go. Here is my gratitude list before I run: My sweet children spending the day building my wedding out of lego, my littlest building daughters for me out of lego, a warm cozy bed, waking up every morning and being able to workout in my home for free. Thank you Daily Hiit! Have a great day! Photo on 14-01-22 at 7.54 AM #3

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