30 Day Challenge Days 18 & 20 Wobbly Arms

I missed day 18 because I was still feeling unwell. I usually bounce back pretty quickly from illness, so I was surprised that I was still sick after three days. Today is the first day I feel like I am on the road to recovery. With my health on the mend, I decided to smash out day 18 and 20 back to back. My arms are a little wobbly and jello like now! I feel like it has been a while since I have worked my triceps, or maybe it's just my body recovering from sickness, but the tricep dips felt extra challenging today. The first round my triceps seized up and I had to take a break. It also could have been that I didn't warm up sufficiently. Sometimes I rush through my warm ups to get to the goods! My balance was also off today, so I kept toppling over during the Elevated Lunges, which was frustrating. The Push Up Squats and Push Back Ups are what are causing the wobbly arms. Those were tough, but I do notice that I am getting stronger and lower in my push ups again. Gotta love the feeling of progress and the signs of a stronger body!! What did you think of the Ab Swimmers?!!! I have a pretty strong core, and am usually able to make it through most ab exercises without too much struggle, but not the swimmers. Those were killer! I had to take several rests. Somehow, I managed to make it through the last round without a rest, which I feel pretty proud of. Overall, my body was pushed hard and had a good sweat. Signs of a great workout! Have you had any set backs so far? What have you done to get back on track? Gratitudes: My loving husband who has cared for me the last three days, and nursed me back to health. Photo on 14-02-03 at 7.58 AM #2

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