30 Day Challenge || Jessica Day 1: Not So Bad!

Today was a long day.   I was up at 5am for a quick workout before catching a flight from CA to NY.  I ran to the terminal for both parts of my flight (in Uggs) and double stepped it up a very very long flight on stairs.  Now it's way past bedtime, but I had to do Day 1 first!  It was ...dare I say, easier than I expected.  But, I am in a hotel, so did not use any weight on the lunges.  The push-up combo was tough. Goals: Fit in my size 4 clothes again (currently 8) Lose fat Starting stats: 12.2 lb over target weight (I care more about body composition than weight) 26% body fat per caliper measurement using this technique Today image image Meals today were 100% on the go. Breakfast: egg white and veggie scramble, 1 cup fruit, coffee Lunch: a small portion of udon noodles with chicken and veggies, water Snack: granola bar Dinner: about 1.5-2 cups chili poured over a green salad (no dressing) with a pint of beer. The beer is not normal for me. Here is the workout I did this morning (one round in about 12 minutes) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Goodnight! I'm looking forward to Day 2 :) Jessica

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