30 Day Challenge || Jessica Day 11: My poor, poor legs

Ouch.  Weighted side lunge jump squats a day after Rita's brutal Day 10 routine beat up my legs.  If they could, my legs probably would be shedding tears, but I love it!  I didn't log reps since the rest period was active...that's the only thing I don't like about active rest.  I did not have to modify any of the moves, and found the walking dragon to be really tough. Day 11 What you need > Timer > Sand Bag (mine is about 21lb) Workout Breakdown 50 second work + 10 seconds active rest for 12 rounds (3 rounds of 4 exercises = 12 min) active rest = squat *Squat* 1) Roll Back Jump Tuck Burpee *Squat* 2) Side Lunge Jump Squat *Squat* 3) Walking Dragon *Squat 4) Crunch & Reach *Squat* I felt like the roll back burpee would be more effective broken into two separate moves.  The combo is fun, but the momentum makes it less difficult.  Here is what I will do instead when I repeat the workout: 1- Prisoner get up/Turkish get up 2- Jump tuck burpee (Note that this will add 3 min to the routine. Timer should be set 10/50 x15) How did you do? Jessica

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