30 Day Challenge || Jessica Day 16: To Rest, or To Build A Better Booty?

As usual, I did not choose to rest, although tomorrow I may regret that.  I was in a minor car accident this morning, and my neck is just now starting to feel quite stiff and sore.  It's a good thing I squeezed in a workout and long walk on this rest day. The workout I did today is one that I made up a few weeks ago and recently shared in my No-Pants Subway Ride post.  It was a killer!  The focus is lower body & cardio to help get your booty in great shape.  Let me tell you, I was drenched in sweat at the end of 3 rounds.  I wanted to stop at 2 rounds, but didn't.  If I post a workout for Bodyrockers and say to do 3 rounds, I HAVE to do 3 rounds myself! Workout Breakdown Equipment: Timer only...I didn't even wear shoes Jump Rope (optional) The Workout (my scores are in parenthesis.  I'm sure you can beat my reps!) 10 seconds rest/50 seconds work. 3 rounds of 7 exercises = 21 rounds on your timer, & a 21 min workout. Other timer options: 14 min version: 10/50, 14 rounds or 10/30, 21 rounds, actual rest. 12 min version: 10/50, 12 rounds.  Omit the high knees/cardio from the 50 second moves.  Do high knees in the 10 sec rest period as active rest. Why I like the 21 min version: You are getting 12 min of tough body-weight moves, & 9 min of great cardio all in one workout. 1) Touch down side lunge jumps (45-47-45) 2) High knee skipping (I just did high knees: 111-100-112) 3) Rocket launch burpees (8-8-7) One rep = 3 squat pulses, 1 jump squat --> push-up --> hop in feet 4) High knee skipping (I subbed jumping jacks: 50-42-46) 5) 1 Sumo squat + knee strike twist, alternate sides (24-20-22) Do a sumo squat, then bring your elbow to the opposite knee as you stand, as if you are trying to hit someone behind you with your elbow 6) High knee skipping (I subbed scissor jumps: 96-90-94) 7) Prisoner get ups (7-7-7) Lay on the floor on your back. With your hands behind your head, stand up. Use your hands for help if you need to, but try not to. Make sure to alternate which leg dominates as you stand. Try this out, & please let me know what you think! Jessica

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