30 Day Challenge || Jessica Day 17: Whiplash and Workouts Don't Mix

Sandbag, check. Workout hair (braid), check. Workout written in workout book & queued on iPad, check. 10 sec plank, done. 5 second into lateral jumps, I had to stop.  Yesterday I was in a car accident, and today my neck is pretty sore.  Because I'm crazy dedicated, I thought I could knock out this workout despite my whiplash.  Nope!  I'm listening to my body and taking tonight off.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll be back! Day 17 Equipment Timer Sandbag or other weight Workout Breakdown Set your timer to 12 rounds of 10 seconds rest & 50 seconds work (2 rounds of 6 exercises = 12 min) The 10 sec rest is active rest; hold plank during the 10 sec rest period #Plank 1) Side to Side Hops - Using the Sandbag #Plank 2) 2 x Rows & 2 x push-ups - Using the Sandbag #Plank 3) In & Out Jump Squats (weighted low jacks) - Using the Sandbag #Plank 4) 3 x Plank Jacks & Feet Clap #Plank 5) 1 Arms Mountain Climbers #plank 6) 1 Arms Mountain Climbers How did you do? Jessica (Image taken by me in El Yunque National Forest, Puerto Rico)

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