30 Day Challenge || Jessica Day 2: 18 Awesome Minutes

I did the Day 2 workout in a hotel gym, rather than improvise in my room. My modications: I used free weights instead of the sandbag. I jumped in place fake-skipping because I forgot to pack my jump rope. I did a third round for an 18min workout. On the sandbag swing, I alternated arms every swing rather than halfway through. Diet: Today I slept in really late due to jet lag and insomnia. I ended up eating only 1 meal today, which is crazy. It was a delicious salad, a cup of soup, a little bread, and a latte. (I also shared some bites of an apple dessert.) Exercise Breakdown 1) Squat + Sandbag Press - 10 lb dumbbells 2) Burpee + Row - 15 lb dumbbells 3) Side Plank Leg Lift & Through LT 4) Side Plank Leg Lift & Through RT 5) Skipping 6) Single Leg Thrusts LT - 20 lb dumbbell 7) Single Leg Thrusts RT - 20 lb dumbbell 8) Sandbag Swings - 20 lb dumbbell 9) Plank Walk Out Here is the Day 2 video How did you do?? Jessica

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