30 Day Challenge || Jessica Day 20: A Dip Station Free Version

I love my dip station.  It was the first piece of equipment I bought for Bodyrock workouts a few years ago.  In my old apartment, it was prominently displayed in the living room, ready for spontaneous hanging knee raises or reverse push-ups.  I used to CARRY it (and my sandbag and yoga bag) to my apartment gym regularly.  These days, it is kept in the garage, and is only taken out for outdoor workouts.  I still love my dip station, but since it's too cold at night for outdoor workouts and not easy to bring to work, I don't use it as much these days. That being said, I came up with an equipment-free version of Day 20, which I did during my lunch break.  Try it out if you are without a dip station or equalizer! My Modifications: I substituted 2 exercises* for the hanging knee raise/lunge combo:

Roundhouse lunges (1 roundhouse kick into a backward lunge, alternate legs) Lying leg lift + butt lift (lower ab lift)

Since I did 5 exercises total per round, my version is 15 minutes instead of 12. I couldn't remember what a push back push up was, so instead did a pike press and a dive bomber. I planned to jump rope after the workout, so I did not do active rest. Workout Breakdown (My Version) What You Need >Dip Station (not with my version!) >Timer (or just follow the video) Set your timer for 15 rounds of 10 sec rest, 50 sec work. If you choose to do active rest, do double high knees. Push up + squat  11 - 10 - 10 *Roundhouse lunge, alternating legs  16 - 16 - 17 *Lying leg lift + butt lift (lower ab lift)  17 - 16 - 16 Pike Press + dive bomber  9 - 8.5 - 8.5 Ab Swimmers  I couldn't count these, but I did them! I followed this with 12 min of Tabata jump rope (10 sec rest/20 sec work for 8 rounds = 4 min per set; I did 3 sets). The original version of Day 20 4 Different exercises for 3 rounds = 12 min 50 seconds of work + 10 seconds of active rest x 12 rounds on timer What You Need > Timer > Dip Station *Double High Knees* 1) Push up + Squat *Double High Knees* 2) Knee Up + Legs Over + Lunge *Double High Knees* 3) Push Back Push Ups *Double High Knees* 4) Ab Swimmers How did you do?? Jessica

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