30 Day Challenge || Jessica Day 7: Make It Work

I work up a bit late today (surprise surprise) so I packed workout clothes & did Day 7's routine during my lunch break.  I wanted to walk to a nearby park, but a lack of time left me working out in an ugly abandoned room in my building.  It worked, which is all that matters. Day 7 What you need > Timer > Sand Bag (I used a set of 8lb dumbbells) > Skipping Rope Workout Breakdown 30 seconds of work + 10 seconds of rest for 18 rounds = 12 min (3 rounds of the 6 exercises) 1) Plie Squat + Lift & Press 2) Skipping 3) Walking Push-Ups 4) Skipping 5) Single Leg Dead lift LT 6) Single Leg Dead lift RT I followed with: 4 min 10 sec rest/ 20 sec work skipping (1 tabata interval) 15 lying leg lift + butt lift + star crunch 15 side crunches LT 15 side crunches RT How did you do? Jessica Follow my progress (slow as it may be) Day 1 Day 2 Day 3-6

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