30 Day Challenge || Jessica Days 14 & 15: 1 Year After Baby

Day 15!   We are halfway through the challenge!   Do you know what that means??   For me, it means that with the exception of yesterday, I have worked out every single day for 14 days.  I haven't been that consistent since my son was born last year.   This challenge has proved that I CAN workout every day (or at least 6/7).  Until this challenge began, I was averaging 2-3 workouts a week, not counting walking or running.  I'm so incredibly happy to feel more like the "old me" who worked out 99% of the year, no matter what.   After this challenge, I know that I will continue to make time for quick workouts. xr62cM1391069164-e1391069245142 My progress so far is not what I was expecting.  I feel stronger, but have not lost much weight (a few pounds, depending on the day).   However, my pants fit looser, so I know that my body composition is slowly changing.  I care more about that than a number on the scale.  I'm eating healthy, but not following the nutrition guide.  I'm sure that if I were, my results would be better.  I'm still breastfeeding my son, which makes cutting calories a bit challenging.  I've struggled with that since he was born, which is probably a large part of why my body is relentlessly holding on to the last bit of weight I'd like off.  Although I'm not where I want to be, I feel like I'm moving in the right direction!  My goal is to look like my "before baby" picture above. What changes have you noticed in yourself so far? Day 14 Hip Hop Cardio Yoga Ok, I'll be honest: I didn't do Day 14.  I do these workouts on my lunch break in an unused, lead-lined room at work.  My phone won't play YouTube videos because the lead blocks cell service.  I decided to skip the lunch workout & try it when I got home last night.  Well, my baby took forever to fall asleep, which meant a late dinner.  At 10 pm I was tired & debated whether or not to try out the dance routine. I watched it, and decided to sleep.  Did any of you try it out?  I think it's great Freddy & the team tried to bring us something new. Day 15 Day 15 video I loved Day 15! I did this with nothing but my iPad.  All of my equipment is in a room next to where my baby boy was napping.  I didn't want to risk waking him, so did my workout on the grass.  It was still tough. What You Need >Timer (or just follow along with the video) >Sand Bag (optional) Workout Breakdown 50 seconds of work + 10 seconds of active rest (high knees) for 12 rounds on timer (3 rounds of 4 exercises = 12 min) *High Knees* 1) 2-Punch Burpees (Full push-ups; I punched the grass) 9 - 8 - 8 *High Knees* 2) Jump Squat + 1 Side Leg Raise, alternate (bodyweight) 16 - 15 - 14 *High Knees* 3) 3D Push-Ups (I did the arm hops, but off my knees) 9 - 9+1 - 8.5 *High Knees* 4) 2x V-Ups 9 - 11+1 - 16 (16?? I might have miscounted....but that's what I wrote.)


I'm excited for the rest of the challenge.  Remember, small changes can lead to drastic results in time.  Be patient with yourself! Jessica

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