30 Day Challenge Natasha - Day 7 ONLY ONE MOD!!!

My week has been insanely busy! Monday, Day 6, looked like this: Spin at 5:45AM followed by a full day of work, shuffling the kids to after-school activities and then off to my runners strength class. It was only when I woke this morning that I realized I completely spaced Day 6!!! Today made up for it. Rita is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I met my running group this evening for 4 miles in freezing temps (ice cubes for gluts) and came home thinking I would watch tonight's video, write about it and go to bed. When I saw Rita was leading the workout, I paused the video and went to bedroom to slip my running shoes back on to join-in. I was not disappointed! The workout...the only part of the workout I modified tonight was the Walking Pushups. I did regular pushups on my knees (hey! its amazing I can even do pushups for 30 seconds). My upper body needs the work for sure. That being said, I rocked the Plei Squat and Press and the Single Leg Dead Lift...with two 7.5 lb weights (check out my "sandbag" below). WOAH! All-in-all it was a great workout and I looked forward to tomorrow night. IMG_5588IMG_5586 Food...I started my day with lemon water, 3 scrambled eggs, salt, pepper and sautéed spinach (directly from Lisa-Marie's Sugar Detox plan). It is quite a bit more than I usually eat. However, yesterday's protein shake breakfast was boring so eggs sounded good. Next on the menu - lunch. I had a garlic and herb pre-cooked chicken breast (Kirkland brand), 3 cups of mixed veggies (broccoli, cauliflower and carrots) with 1 tbsp of balsamic vinegar and 1 tbsp of olive oil. It was a easy to throw together and take with me. I also took an avocado with me but it was brown on most of the inside when I cut into it. Dinner - here is where I splurged. We planned to have shredded beef "tacos" (wrapped in lettuce instead of tortillas) and some refried pintos. I opted for corn tortillas instead because my workout was in the evening. The only thing I would change is to eat sooner. It was over and hour after my run before I ate - but our family is busy busy busy. IMG_5584 Have to get to bed. I have spin in the morning and bodyrock when I get home. Ciao!!!

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