30 Day Challenge | Pamela: Day 15 - Half Way There!

The workout

Find the workout video along with a workout breakdown and warm-up/cool down videos for day 15 here. Today's workout was great. I always like a workout that includes push ups because I would really like to get to the point that I can do at least 20 of them on my toes. So the more push ups, the better!


No modifications needed today! I have to say that I've been very happy that I've had to make fewer and fewer modifications. I never really realized just how much my back improves with working out until I starting doing these daily logs. I am still modifying based on strength/skill level, just not for my back. Do you keep a daily log? What have you noticed improving? Day 15

Food log

Right now, my food is out of control... I've been so tired the last few days that I haven't felt like cooking. I've been trying to not eat too much of the take out and keep my portions under control, but still, home cooking is better than take out. Time to go grocery shopping and get it done right!


Coffee with a table spoon of grass-fed gelatin.


Pizza and kale that converts salad


Lemongrass soup, tempura vegetables, and seafood yellow curry with rice   Let me know how your 15 days have gone!

Click here to see all the videos and my daily logs for this challenge.

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