30 Day Challenge | Pamela: Day 18 - About Those Numbers

This week, I again swapped days and took a rest day today instead of doing the day 18 workout (remember, I'm a day behind). It is Superbowl Sunday after all! I'll just be sure to do day 18 on my day 19. I kind of like having Sundays off. Also, not getting up to workout on a Monday would just feel like I wasn't starting my week out right.

Food Log

I skipped the Superbowl parties today since I wasn't feeling very well anyway, which helped tremendously in the food department.... no fried chicken and delicious appetizers to tempt me!


Coffee with a tablespoon of gelatin


Baby greens salad with everything dressing and some BBQ pork


Raisins (my weakness is definitely dried fruit!), and a few pickles (another weakness)


Thai Coconut Soup. I made a HUGE batch last night and added in some bamboo shoots and bell peppers.... it's so good!

The Numbers

  • Number of days I’ve worked out: 13 out of 18
  • Number of minutes spent working out: 268 (about 20 minutes each day I've worked out)
  • Number of days with no junk food: 8 of 18
Let's talk about that food number. My "junk" food is grains, alcohol, restaurant takeout, sugary treats etc. Basically any meal that I did not cook I consider junk food. Not necessarily fast food and candy (those are junk food, but I just very rarely eat them). When I have been getting take out, I've been watching my portion sizes, so I haven't really been setting myself back too much. Yesterday I posted all my progress pictures on the main 30 Day Challenge page, and I'm still making progress despite all the takeout. For January I made a goal to cut out grains, alcohol, and sugary treats like ice cream. Now that it's February I'll be adding back in rice but still avoiding alcohol and ice cream (my Kryptonite). Since I'm allowing rice back into my diet, the number of days with no "junk" food should improve since having a bit of rice will no longer count as junk food.

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