30 Day Challenge | Pamela: Day 25 - OK, OK... I Liked The Dance


So, last time we had a dance workout I wasn't really feeling it, but this one was way more my style. It reminded me of my ballet and jazz classes I took in high school which I really enjoyed. So I went with it. Unfortunately it still wan't really that much of a workout. I remember in school my dance classes were super tough and were quite the workout. But they were an hour long. I think the dance videos would also need to be 45-60 minutes for them to really make me break a sweat. It was definitely fun though. I did miss the high five at the end, and since there wasn't one in either video Chloe and I improvised. Chloe day 25

Food log


Coffee with a tablespoon of gelatin, and a large bowl of oatmeal




Shredded pork with mashed cauliflower


Shredded pork with mashed cauliflower

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