30 Day Challenge | Pamela: Day 27-30 - Anything Worth Having Takes Time

So, for a couple of days now I've been having some pretty severe dizzy spells. I would be sitting at my desk at work, and all of a sudden the whole room would spin like crazy. I went to the doctor and they ran all kinds of blood tests to try and figure out what's going on and then finally diagnosed me as having benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). So basically I went to the doctor because I was dizzy and they diagnosed me as having dizziness. Um, yeah. That happened, and I paid for it because this is America. Anyway, I've been ordered by my doctor to rest as much as possible... he literally told me to "move like a turtle." In other words, very slowly and as little as possible. So I've been living my life in slow motion for a couple of days now, and trying to keep my diet tight since I can't workout. I do have to say though that I haven't really been very hungry... I've pretty much been sitting on the couch all day which doesn't really work up an appetite. Here's an overview of my food for the last 4 days.

Food log

You'll notice that I've been eating a lot of the same foods. I made a big batch of kale salad and a roast chicken so that I wouldn't have to worry about getting up to cook a lot. My husband is working which means he's not around to help out for days on end, so batch cooking is my friend right now.

Day 27

  • Coffee with gelatin
  • Oatmeal and blueberries
  • Roast chicken and kale salad x2
  • Raisins

Day 28

  • Coffee with gelatin
  • Patmeal and blueberries
  • Pulled pork and cauliflower mash x2
  • Oranges

Day 29

  • Coffee with gelatin
  • Oranges
  • Raisins
  • Kale salad and roasted chicken x2

Day 30

  • Coffee with gelatin
  • Oatmeal with blueberries
  • Roasted chicken and kale salad x2

Challenge closing thoughts

I definitely made progress, despite my body not cooperating 100% of the time. My clothes are fitting better, and overall I feel better (besides that whole dizzy thing). I'll be back at my 4:30am workouts again just as soon as this dizziness subsides. What this past 30 days has shown is that even with chronic back pain and getting sick, it's still possible to make progress towards my goals. If I can do it, you can do it. It may take a little longer than most, but anything worth having will take time. And just because this is the end of the 30 day challenge doesn't mean that your journey ends here. Pick another something to complete over the next 30 days. Getting to your ideal body takes time and persistence. Persistence is the third part of the wheel that a lot of people forget about. Diet and exercise are great, but without persistence they are worthless. So keep reaching for your goals.

Final numbers

Number of days I’ve worked out: 18 out of 30 (60%) Number of minutes spent working out: 342 (about 19 minutes each day I’ve worked out) Number of days with no junk food: 18 of 30 (60%)

The photos

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How did you do in the challenge? What will you be doing for the next 30 days? Share your progress in the comments below.

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