30 Day Challenge | Pamela: Day 3- Legs On Fire!

I'm pretty sure it was the bridges in yesterday's workout that did it... my legs are on FIRE today! Specifically my hamstrings. Needless to say, the high knees were pretty tough today. But I pushed through and got it done! I also took a progress photo. My clothes are already beginning to fit better than they were before. I know it's only been 3 days of working out, but I've also been skipping grains, sugar, and alcohol this month. I've had a few slip ups, but overall have been doing very well. I think I'll start tracking how many days it's been since I last had grains/sugar/alcohol. Read all the way through to the bottom for my progress photo.

The workout

Find the workout video along with a workout breakdown and warm-up/cool down videos for day 3 here.


The only modification I did to today's workout was to the superman swings. I left out the swing and just did the superman lift. Swinging my legs out to the side puts too much pressure on my back and causes it to become strained. Other than that, all the exercises were the same. This workout was awesome, and so tough!

Food log

If you read my day 2 diary, you'll remember that last night we went out to dinner for a friend's birthday to an all you can eat joint. I'm happy to report that I avoided all rice, ice cream, and alcohol! It was tough... I could literally smell the sugar in the ice cream and it was making my mouth water so bad. Everyone was asking if I wanted some, but I stayed strong and didn't give in to my cravings or peer pressure! I told myself that having to start all over towards my healthy body goal wasn't worth a little bit of ice cream.


Coffee with a tablespoon of grass-fed gelatin and Two mini quiche


Easy bean salad and Kale salad with Everything dressing




Tandoori chicken and vegetable samosa filling (homemade)

Progress photos

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:) Pamela

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