30 Day Challenge | Pamela: Day 6 - Spiderwoman

My day today began at 2:30 am. I woke up with... yup, you guessed it... back pain. My pinched nerve back pain from yesterday is gone, it was just my normal achy back today. I did try to go back to sleep, but decided at 3:30 am that it just wasn't happening. So I got up and got my day started!

The workout

I have to be honest and tell you that today's workout wasn't one of my favorites. I didn't find the power push ups nearly as challenging as regular push ups, and trying to switch from mountain climbers to crunches was just too much wasted time for me. Plus, those side mountain climbers are terrible for my back! I also found that I got more glute and hamstring work when I did the leg lift + kickout from my knees. Here's what I did instead. Modifications
  • Push ups
  • 180 degree long jumps (didn't Melissa look like a Spiderwoman doing these? Someone give that woman a cape, she's a superhero!)
  • Leg lift + kick out on knees
  • Bicycle crunches

Day 6

Food log

I have a confession to make. Yesterday instead of an apple for a snack, I ate an entire bag of dried figs! Good thing the entire bag was only 400 calories...I'm just going to say I was calorie cycling and yesterday was my up cycle day ;)


Coffee with a table spoon of grass-fed gelatin


Chicken marinated in everything dressing with a spinach salad


Apple and some pickles (not at the same time... just throughout the day)


Steak with a kale salad (have I mentioned how I'm totally converted to kale now?) I'm also still drinking hot lemon water throughout the day.

 Progress photos

Here is my most recent full body photo next to my before photo.
[gallery columns="2" ids="|"]

:) Pamela

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