30 Day I Real Time Challenge Day #1

Hi BodyRockers,

Well ... This is it!!!


This is Day 1 of the 30 Day Real Time Challenge. The Instructions on how to take part in this challenge are - Here Are you ready for your very first Real Time Training Session with me ? Take your time, do your best& take breaks if you need to. Let's Do This !!   Full PDF Breakdown - click link below.


Todays Coffee Talk:

For all you crazy hardcore Bodyrockers like me out there …. you will love this workout today !! I smashed this one in Spain with the local Gym PT who I have known forever !! – it made him sick … lol Don't worry if you feel queazy - we have all been there lol - You know the feeling when you push too hard or when you just started HIIT workouts for the first time ? It’s like your dying lol

What always amazes me is this - The same young lad’s were in the gym that ALWAYS look at me when I come into their gym domain lol I basically take up a space on the floor – Jump about like a mad woman for about 20 mins, sweating everywhere with nothing more than a mat, a weight, a bench & my trusty Interval timer (beeping away lol which I know annoys them – as i’m a girl and no beeps or girls are allowed in the 'man gym' lol ).

They just watch me clearly thinking I am a crazy ”girl” who has no idea what i’m doing lol. I in turn watch them year after year doing there 'weighted' rep routines (while my beeper beeps away and I sweat everywhere) i.e they do - chest, back, etc … which is very cool & I know LOADS of ripped guys who do this & I have enjoyed doing this in the past with my sister & her partner … however, I have been coming to this same spit & sawdust gym for 5 years now & they haven’t seem to have changed their workout plan, weight selection or there results from what I can see :/ … yet they look at me like i’m the crazy one lol

Maybe it’s because there isn’t anyone to inspire them or be brave enough to make a ”noise” in there”man space” ? or maybe there isn’t anyone to show them different ways to train in the local area ? whatever it is, I am VERY proud & more than happy to burst into any gym or space & show them how Bodyrockers roll.

You never know, there may be some other ‘crazy people’ in there just dying to join in - like the Gym PT, who now carries his Interval timer everywhere, or some people may just need someone else to be brave enough to HIIT the dance floor first so they don’t feel so intimidated or ”silly” doing it alone. … Anyway the point to my story is this …..

It wasn’t until they watched the Gym PT throw up  after our 20 min HIIT that alllll of a sudden they all stopped steering & wanted to talk to me & ask to train with me ( even tho for 6 weeks they have looked at me like a crazy person who has entered their man space lol ) – it took someone they respected to struggle (lifting the same weight as ”a girl”) for them to take me seriously lol I am sure a lot of you have had this scenario @ one time in your life ? What we do looks ‘easy’ but it’s really not … working every muscle group 5 days a week (in my case) is HARD & challenging & it’s not until you try it do you realize that, it not only works you, it challenges you in ways nothing else does especially if you go as hard & as heavy as you can.

I guess that’s why when we do loose or mojo or fall off the wagon we know it takes a-lot of will power to get back on it & start again as we ALL know that seriously tough ”starting point” we need to get through … Also, taking the above into account – If you are just starting HIIT workouts you need to give yourself credit for just completing the workout. I’m serious, even with no weight at all these are tough!. No matter how slow you go, or even if you have to stop & take a break while going through it – as long as you try thats the important thing. Be patient & DON’T GIVE UP.

It DOES get easier & you need to realize that these FULL body workout really do work, it won’t happen overnight but believe in the process as it WILL happen. I love the rush to the body to move as you move from exercises to exercise so quickly & sweat so much – feeling strong & empowered & most of all you are done in a short amount of time feeling ready to take on the day – esp. if you have smashed your previous PB or scores.. So that brings me to todays HIIT Real Time Workout. Enjoy it .. & remember how strong you are for just getting through it. .

Todays Video Is Dedicated To My Friend 'V' xoxo . Todays Real Time Workout Video is exclusively on SweatFlix

Workout Breakdown:

Set Your Screen Shot 2013-08-17 at 8.22.17 PM  to 10 seconds rest & 30 seconds work as below for 61 rounds (one round is a 30 second rest between the two circuits) IMG_8405-150x150 Unless you are working out with me - Then Press PLAY Now & Lets Go Go Go !!! Remember – You will skip first while I take the first exercise. See Day #1 for instructions. . You can use your  Sandbagor Screen Shot 2013-07-28 at 7.20.26 PMor  (click images to view) If you haven't had time to get your equipment yet, or it's on it's way - There are Free Home Equipment Ideas - Here If you are training in your Gyms or on your own  - Complete as many rep’s of the following exercise’s before the 30 seconds is up: Post your scores below to remind yourself how far you have come when you HIIT this again. .

This is a Two Part Workout . Part One - Movement & Strength: .

1. Push-Up, Clean & Press - using the Sandbag or Ugi Ball

2. Squat & Press - using the Sandbag or Tbar

3. Tuck Abs

4. 1 Arm Clean & Press, Squat & Press & push Up - (Alternate L&R Arm) - using the Tbar weights

5. Lunge & Twist - (Alternate L&R) - using the Sandbag or Ugi Ball or Tbar weights

6. Dive Bombers

7. Left Woodchop - using the Sandbag or Ugi Ball or Tbar weights

8. Right Woodchop - using the Sandbag or Ugi Ball or Tbar weights

9. 10 High Weighted Knees & 10 Mountain Climbers - using the Sandbag or Ugi Ball or Tbar weights

10. Push Up & Plank Row - using the Tbar weights

11. Chest Press & Reverse Curl Legs - (Legs go down when weight comes to chest) - using the Sandbag or Ugi Ball or Tbar

12. Lunge & Press - using the Sandbag or Ugi Ball or Tbar

13. 8′s - (or ab exercise of choice) - using the Sandbag or Ugi Ball or Tbar weights

14. Standing Fly’s - using the Tbar weights . (30 second rest )

Part Two - Weighted Burnout: .

1. Bicep Curl - using the Sandbag or Tbar

2. Straight Abs - (Knees Up)

3. Oblique V Abs Left

4. Tricep Dips

5. Tuck Abs

6. Chest Press - using the Sandbag or Tbar

7. Oblique V Abs Right

8. Upright Row - using the Sandbag or Tbar

9. Squats - using the Sandbag or Ugi Ball or Tbar

10. Push-Ups

11. Flys - using the Tbar weights

12. Lunge & Twist - (Alternate L&R) - using the Sandbag or Ugi Ball or Tbar weights

13. Pull Ups - using the Equalizer

14. 17. Reverse Curls

15. Shoulder Press - using the Sandbag or Tbar

16. Bent-over Row - using the Sandbag or Tbar

17. Clean & Press - using the Sandbag or Ugi Ball or Tbar  1

8. Reverse Curls . **BEEP BEEP BEEP** – You did it … I knew you would. .

Pre & Post Workout Stretch (2 Videos) - Here


My Workout Gear Today: 

[caption id="attachment_32655" align="aligncenter" width="300"]New Balance - Vibrams New Balance - Vibrams[/caption] [caption id="attachment_32656" align="aligncenter" width="300"]IMG_0591 Diesel Cap[/caption] [caption id="attachment_32657" align="aligncenter" width="300"]IMG_0589 Lululemon - Yoga Bra Top[/caption] [caption id="attachment_32658" align="aligncenter" width="300"]IMG_0586 Lululemon Pants[/caption]


HIIT the 'like' button to let me know you smashed your workout today & you are on board this Epic Real Time Challenge with me !

Leave me a message below .... I Love hearing your feedback :)


My 14 Day Nutrition Guide is available Here

My Fat Loss, Diet & Portion Sizes … Here


Let’s Start Together …. TODAY !

 Lisa-Marie x



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