30 Day I Real Time Challenge Day #3

Hi BodyRockers, Today is Day 3 - How are you feeling ? Tough Right ? - well anything worth doing isn't easy .. So stay strong !! Today you will feel pushed to your limits but you WILL get through it ..... i'm right beside you - remember that :) Check out the other BodyRockers Training right along side us right now - Here IMG_65322-300x200 . Todays Coffee Talk: . Ask Yourself … what are your choices today ? are you with me ? are you going to make the right choices today ? Day 3 of any new programme is always the hardest - Now, you can either let it drag you down & give up now or take this Mo-Fo by the horn’s & kick this day into touch & continue on this EPIC journey & burn some major fat busting Ass ! Remember - This is totally FREE !! - Think how much you are saving on Personal Trainers or Gym Memberships !! ... All you have to do is press play & train with me. Remember our pack - we are totally in this together - 30 full days !! No Excuses - Me & You !! I decided as we might need an extra bit of energy & motivation for Day 3 - So, Today we are doing something a little bit different which I am looking forward to hearing what your thought after the final BEEP goes. I am always telling you the importance of pushing you outside your comfort zone. You will notice we sometimes use the same moves but we just mix them up in a different way (like today) - this is because it helps practice the exercise so we can get stronger & better at it (just like a body builder may do chest every monday … but over time the weight increases) & two, we mix it up because it tricks the body & pushes you harder. It’s really easy to make the same circuit push you in completely different ways, just by changing the reps, weight, time, or adding cardio in between each move can alter everything about the routine. I challenge you to totally smash this workout today with me. This circuit is split into sections of the body - So it will push you harder & keep you from reaching that inevitable plateau - this is why I change it up everyday. I pulled out another one of my classic ‘oldie but goldie’ workouts today & this one is split into 3 parts. Arms, Legs, and Abs. It will defiantly challenge you … you may even have the urge to swear at me while doing it lol … I am fine with this … just don’t stop. When you hear the final BEEP you will feel amazing & know you have earn’t every spoon full of your breakfast. Are you ready to Earn It ... ? . 521933_502752016481955_465116842_n . Todays Video is Dedicated to Majica xox . Todays Real Time Workout Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlk4CdY37qw   YouTube –  30 Day Challenge Playlist  - Direct Link to YouTube Page . [wobreakdown] . Workout Breakdown: . Set Your  Screen Shot 2013-08-17 at 8.22.17 PM  to 10 seconds rest & 30 seconds work. IMG_8405-150x150 Unless you are working out with me - Then let's do this & get up & Press Play !   You can use your  Sandbagor Screen Shot 2013-07-28 at 7.20.26 PMor Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 5.46.46 PM (click images to view) If you haven't had time to get your equipment yet, or it's on it's way - There are Free Home Equipment Ideas - Here If you are training in your Gym or on your own  - Complete as many rep’s of the following exercise’s before the 30 seconds is up: Post your scores below to remind yourself how far you have come when you HIIT this again. . Todays Workout: . Todays workout is split into 3 parts ! - Enjoy this Bad Boy ! Remember - You will skip first while I take the first exercise. See Day #1 for instructions. . Part 1 - Legs & Arms . 1. Spider Push Up - (L&R Alternate) 2. Squat & Press - using the Sandbag or Ugi Ball or Tbar 3. Sandbag Lunge & Lift - Left Leg - using the Sandbag or Ugi Ball or Tbar 4. Sandbag Lunge & lift - Right Leg - using the Sandbag or Tbar 5. Squat Jumps or Tuck Jumps 6. Push-Up & 1/2 Burpee 7. Shoulder Sandbag Lift - (L&R Alternative) - using the Sandbag 8. Sandbag Overhead Abs & Shoulder Press  - using the Sandbag or Ugi Ball or Tbar 9. 1 Leg Push-Up, Burpee, Jump Bag - using the Sandbag 10. Left Leg Board Weighted Step up’s - using the Sandbag or Ugi Ball or Tbar 11. Left Right Board Weighted Step up’s - using the Sandbag or Ugi Ball or Tbar 12. Sandbag Get Up’s - using the Sandbag or Ugi Ball 13. Clean & Press - using the Sandbag or Ugi Ball or Tbar . (30 second / One Round Rest) . Part 2 - Arms . 1. V Push-Up’s (downward dog position, head to floor - all shoulders) 2. 1/2 Burpee + 1 Push-Up 3. Push up + 2 Mtn Knees L & R, Push Up + Spider knees L & R,  Push-Up + Under Knee L & R 4. 1 Leg Push-Up & Burpee 5. Superman Push- Ups 6. Wide Arm Push Up - Jump In & Out Legs - (go down on the ‘WIDE’ leg) 7. Tricep Push Up - Jump In & Out Legs - (go down on the ‘IN’ leg) 8. Plank Abs 9. Deadlift - (L&R Alternate) - using the Sandbag or Tbar 10. Press Up, Row L&R, Spider Knee L&R & Side Oblique Plank L&R - using the Tbar weights 11. Upright Row - using the Sandbag or Tbar 12. Bicep Curl & Press - using the Tbar weights . (30 second / One Round Rest) . Part 3 - Abs . 1. Running Man - (Like elbow to knee but make a running man shape when u come up) 2. V Abs - (L&R Alternate) 3. Plank & Side to Side Jump - Feet Together, 6 inch jump side to side in a plank position. 4. SuperMan Push-Ups 5. 10 Mountain Climbers & 10 Spider Knee Climbers 6. Tuck Abs 7. Touch Toe Abs - (L&R Alternate) 8. Over Head Abs - using the Sandbag or Tbar 9. Oblique Plank Abs - Left Side drop 10. Oblique Plank Abs - Right Side drop 11. Plank Abs 12. Reverse Curl 13. Seated Oblique Twists - using the Sandbag or Ugi Ball or Tbar weights 14. Crunch & Leg Extensions - (Like a tuck ab, but legs straight out and in hands behind your head) 15. Straight Abs - Knees up if you can . Pre & Post Workout Stretch (2 Videos) - Here . My Workout Gear Today:  [caption id="attachment_32749" align="alignnone" width="300"]Lululemon Reverse Pants Lululemon Reverse Pants[/caption] [caption id="attachment_32750" align="alignnone" width="300"]IMG_0699 TNA Bra Top[/caption] .

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