30 Day I Real Time Challenge - Induction, FAQ's & Prep

Hi BodyRockers, Well ... This is it !!! 30day-1 Welcome to your TOTALLY FREE - Exclusive Personal Trainer online for 30 days straight !! ALL 30 Day Challenge Posts can be found - Here I know some of you work & have children & wont have any time to shop other than a weekend or evenings  - So I am giving you a week to prepare yourself !! No Lie - I am going to give you 30 straight days of Real Time Training !! - Starts 7th October !! - You have just over a week to get your sh*t together & prepare your equipment etc ..  (Don't say I didn't warn you lol) This is no ordinary Real Time Workout Though !! - I need you this time to Train along side me to make this work  - So if I don't get the video views I expect everyday - I will know you have not completed the workout to the end with me - so no cheating. This is a massive task for me to do as the videos are long & it's a risk that I have asked to take as I truly believe that this is the future for everyone out there looking for a gym partner - I am it &  you are my gym partner  .. for 30 straight days !! I guess thats my way of saying - I'm counting on you to check in everyday Bodyrockers as you asked for it & I have pushed to bring it to you. This is exactly what I would do with Sean, Kaz, Aaron ... all my friends - when you train together - doing it like this is the best & only way to get the best results possible ! Now don't panic - There will be some days the workouts are shorter than others and also 'active' rest days thrown into the mix. Now this is even great for beginners because all you have to do is take a rest & march - while everyone else is going to be skipping like a mo-fo !! till we sweat those love handles away !! - Don't worry Beginners - you will soon get the hang of it - I'm here to support you through it. note: - You know the equipment I use now - so get yourself prepped (you have a week to do order what you need) - have it ready as once we' press play' theres no time to look for things - 10 seconds rest isn't long & theres nothing worse when you miss the exercise because you spent 20 seconds looking for something to use.  If you haven’t had time to get your equipment yet, or it’s on it’s way - There are Free Home Equipment Ideas - Here . 30 Day Challenge Workout Instructions: This is how we are going to train together for the 30 days - The first BEEP you will hear is the 10 Second Rest On the next DOUBLE BEEP is where you will Skip ... ( or run, or jog, or march - pick a cardio exercises or piece of equipment of your choice  - I will be skipping tho ) While you are skipping - You will be watching me (use the same amount of time that you skip ) perform the next exercise that you will do next On the next BEEP we rest for the 10 seconds again On the Next DOUBLE BEEP - You will be performing the exercise you just watched me do - while I skip until the time is up & we rest again. Got it ??? . So the workout will go like this - Beep - 10 Second Rest - Both Rest Double Beep - 30 Seconds Work (for example - this will alter) On the 30 seconds - YOU: Skip & Watch me perform your next move On the same 30 seconds - Me: Push Ups Beep - 10 Second Rest - Both Rest Double Beep - 30 Seconds Work (for example - this will alter) YOU: Complete Push-ups you just watched Me: Skip We Repeat through the whole circuit - completing different exercises with interval skipping (or cardio of choice, unless other wise stated in the breakdown of course) for us both - You watch, then you do - at your level.   Looking to up your game when you HIIT the gym ? The secret is finding a workout partner that will push you & never let you down  - That is me !! Everyday !! for 30 Days Straight !! . IMG_0198 . Frequently Asked questions: . 1. Where do I sign up ? You don't, you just log onto www.bodyrock.tv everyday for the next workout, this is old school BodyRocking. 2. What if I am a beginner ? Well you can either do the workout at your own pace, or just follow me & even if you only do one Rep of each move, its better than nothing. Just try your best & most importantly - take your time & do each move without the weigh to start & work up from there. Remember - you can always press play again if you want to add the weight next time. 3. Where do I get the Equipment ? Just go to the Store at www.bodyrock.tv or www.dailyhiit.com If you haven’t had time to get your equipment yet, or it’s on it’s way - There are Free Home Equipment Ideas - Here 4. Is it FREE ? Yes it really is. Altho this challenge is a little bit more advanced than what we would normally do. There are loads of exercises & different programs such as Yoga, Pilates, Weighted Routines etc. to pick from on both www.bodyrock.tv or www.dailyhiit.com so theres something for everyone. 5. Can Men Join in ? Of course, most men think this looks easy. When I am asked that question, my point of reference is always to ask if they have seen the popular Insanity DVD set ? If so - you will notice that they do the same Bodyweight HIIT Interval Training BodyRockers have been doing for years. I think because this is lead by a woman they think it will be ''Easy'' ... Well Boy's I challenge you to try this !! This is next level HIIT Training. We do bodyweight HIIT & we also add resistance & strength by using weights & bands to get the most from your Interval Training. There are also bonus extras for Ass, Legs, Core & Specific Muscle groups within this 30 Day Challenge, something you don't get on many DVD's - and you defiantly wouldn't get a Personal Trainer working along with you everyday. Checking in on Facebook, Personally answering questions, giving diet tips, meal advice, lifestyle tips & more ....  All for FREE - No Subscriptions  No Membership, & No DVD's Required.  6. What will the program Include ?  This Challenge will incorporate:
  • Intense Total Body Workouts - Workouts specifically designed to maximize fat loss.
  • Specific Isolated Weighted Program to run alongside the Fitness Component – To Dramatically Improve Overall Toning & Strength.
  • Diet Challenges – Focusing on Portion Sizes, Recipes, Tips & Help with all aspects of Diet & Food – Ensuring you keep focused and on Track through the 30 Day Programme.
  • Support – Everyday we will be personally checking in with you on Facebook to keep you motivated, share food & give constant tips and tricks on ways to keep motivated, stay focused & on track.
7. What do I do First ? Your first task before we do anything is to take a before picture & lock it away somewhere for 30 whole days. I want you to see how far you have come in 30 days. Also measure your body parts & lock them away while you complete the challenge. 8. Can I start on any day ? Yes & The challenge will stay on BodyRock.Tv for you to complete at whatever time you wish. 9. Equipment - Any problems or issues or questions on shipping email Sean@bodyrock.tv . WATCH THIS !! - Prep Video & Challenge Prep - Here Then, go through cupboards in your kitchen & your fridge & get rid of anything that does not support your goal or training needs. You have a week to start eating right & preparing the body so go shopping and fill the fridge with good food !! Today !! ALL 30 Day Challenge Posts can be found - Here Here is your shopping listHere - Food Prep, Portion Size & Consistency is key to seeing the dramatic changes you want. ''You can't out train a bad diet'' So get the basics in order before we begin. . If you are still struggling – just message me below or on my Facebook & I will try my best to answer you asap – or one of the amazing Bodyrockers will defiantly help you – as they are AWESOME !! .

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