30 Quick Tips To Blast Belly Fat

My stomach is definitely my problem area, regardless of how strong my actual core is. Honestly, I have washboard abs, there’s just a load of laundry in. It’s difficult to isolate a particular area, but there are lots of habits and exercises that can help, although they’re also geared towards general health and fitness. Here are 30 SUPER QUICK tips that you can follow to help blast belly fat, with more in-depth info in the links. They can be easily divided up into three categories: diet, fitness, and lifestyle. Diet: -       Make sure to get your 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day, you’ll feel fuller and have more energy -       Drink less alcohol -       Reduce your salt intake -       Drink water, stay hydrated. Bring water with you everywhere. Drink a glass of water before you eat, you’ll be less hungry. -       Cut out fast food -       Cut out soda -       Foods that burn fat fast: eggs, dark chocolate, pine nuts, feta or goat cheese, skim milk, oranges, potatoes -       Portion control, know your servings -       Don’t starve yourself -       Don’t deprive yourself either, treat yourself in moderation -       Eat 5 small meals a day to feel fuller -       Eat slowly. Give yourself time to feel full -       Keep your plate colourful blastbellyfat7   14_Day_Nutrition_Guide_finaldraft_1024x1024 Learn how to eat, cook and train for results up to 80% faster.  Fitness: -       Engage your abs no matter the workout, you’ll get the maximum benefits -       Do cardio 20 minutes a day/5 days a week -       Strengthen your core, but don’t focus solely on crunches -       Do weight-bearing exercises like walking or jogging -       Do non weight-bearing exercises like biking or rowing -       Never isolate, overall fitness with a variety of exercises will result in less belly fat, trust. blastbellyfat8 Lifestyle: -       Decrease stress as much as possible, stress creates cortisol which can lead to increased abdominal fat -       Get out in the sun for some good ol’ vitamin D -       Get enough sleep -       Seek professional help, from a doctor or trainer, if you’re feeling really stuck. -       Be skeptical of miracle products -       Have a specific goal or mantra to keep yourself on track -       Ignore the scale -       Stick with it – if you’ve reached your goal keep your healthy habits up so you don’t slide into belly bloat territory -       Maintain good posture -       Read the labels, make a habit of knowing what you’re putting in your body -       Don’t isolate, focus on all aspects of your health: diet, fitness, stress, sleep – they all work together. blastbellyfat5 And if you’re thinking, “hey, I do all of these things – why won’t my belly bulge budge!?” then check out this blog post here, for more info on the fat burning process. Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_103227" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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