30 Things to Throw Away for the New Year

It is the New Year and one of my biggest resolutions is to stop being such a hoarder! I happen to save things for a "rainy day" or "just in case," but those times rarely every come. The result? I am stuck here with a bunch of crap that is simply useless. Decluttering is a fabulous way to start your year off right and can help make your life a little less stressful! divers-pose-298 Here are 30 things to throw away today (or even donate!):
  1. Old magazines or books.
  2. Clothing with holes or tears.
  3. Old electronics such as laptops, phones, CD players, etc.
  4. Toys that your kids won't touch anymore.
  5. Expired foods in your fridge or pantry.
  6. Facebook "Friends" whom you never talk to.
  7. Old emails clogging up your inbox.
  8. Old underwear.
  9. Junk mail.
  10. Old receipts.
  11. Worn down shoes.
  12. Purses that you have not used in a few months.
  13. Clothing that you have not touched in 6 months to a year. Here is a great tip: to keep track of this, turn all of your hangers around the other way. When you wear something, turn the hanger the right way. This will help you keep track of what you have worn. Anything 6 months or more that you haven't touched-donate it!
  14. Old towels that are rough and no longer dry well.
  15. Your liquor, beer, or wine bottle collection.
  16. Expired medications.
  17. Makeup that is over a year old.
  18. CDs that you do not use. Hellllooo, iTunes!
  19. Wal-Mart plastic bags that you have been storing underneath your kitchen sink.
  20. Your pet's toys that are rattered and tattered.
  21. Kitchen utensils that you have zero use for.
  22. Old shoeboxes.
  23. Your hotel toiletry collection.
  24. Souvenirs that have no meaning.
  25. Clothing with stains.
  26. Old costumes or that bridesmaid dress you won't ever be wearing again for the rest of your life.
  27. Old DVDs. Netflix and Redbox is where its at!
  28. Pens. You only need one a time, promise. You will be fine.
  29. Old gum wrappers that have been sitting inside of your purse for months.
  30. Your old worn out wallet. Go buy yourself a new one-you deserve it!
For more on decluttering for the New Year, including free diet plans to get that booty into shape, click the image below: URLSmall  

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