300 Rep Fat Slaughter Workout - Day 2 Week One of The February 30 Day Challenge

Hi BodyRockers! This is a resistance time challenge so hit start on your interval timer! This is the first weighted rep challenge for our New February 30 Day Challenge.  Resistance training in combination with the HIIT principle will help you get lean and achieve amazing results. Resistance training has many benefit's and will help you get stronger, fitter, faster and more agile. This type of training is also a turbo boost for reducing body fat and toning and sculpting your whole body.  It's our secret BodyRock weapon for blasting fat. To maximize your results PLEASE check out todays simple but effective Diet Challenge Tips that Can Be Found on Lisa's Facebook page Here Following these clean eating principles will dramatically speed up and increase your overall results, and ensure that you are powering your body with foods that will support your training. Workout Video & Beginner Modifications Tutorial: [wobreakdown] If you are new to BodyRocking you may need to get over the fear that resistance training will somehow make you look like a female BodyBuilder. The type of training that we do with our Pink Sandbags is for fat loss, toning, and creating long lean muscles. It will not bulk you out - it is specifically designed to boost your metabolism and keep it running on a much higher gear for hours after you finish BodyRocking. Set your BodyRocker Interval Timer as a stop watch. This workout is done in a Pyramid style for a total of 300 Reps!!  Your first time through the workout you do each exercise for 10 reps. The next round you do each exercise for 9 reps each and so on until you work it down to 1 rep for the final round. These are the exercises: 1) Alternating hand sand bag swing using the Pink Sandbag 2) Shovel left using the Pink Sandbag 3) Shovel right using the Pink Sandbag 4) Clean and Press Left using the Pink Sandbag 5) Clean and Press Right using the Pink Sandbag Ab Routine using your interval timer to 10/50 and use your BodyRock Equalizer. 1) Reptile PushUp using the BodyRock Equalizer 2) Mountain Climbers using the BodyRock Equalizer 3) Star Push Ups using the BodyRock Equalizer Make sure that you record your time and post it in the comments below or on our Facebook page here. We want you guys to think of as not just fellow BodyRockers, but also as friends. If you have any questions or need some help or even just a word of encouragement you can reach us on our facebook pages. Please don't hesitate for 1 second to reach out to us - the reward for us is connecting with our fellow BodyRockers and helping out :) This months program incorporates:
  • Intense Total Body Workouts – 12 Minute Workouts specifically designed to maximize fat loss.
  • Specific Isolated Weighted Program to run alongside the Fitness Component - To Dramatically Improve Overall Toning & Strength.
  • Diet Challenges – Focusing on Portion Sizes, Recipes, Tips & Help with all aspects of Diet & Food – Ensuring you keep focused and on Track through the 30 Day Programme.
  • Support – Everyday we will be personally checking in with you on Facebook to keep you motivated, share food & give constant tips and tricks on ways to keep motivated, stay focused & on track.
  • Lisa-Marie’s Facebook page: click here, Sean’s Facebook page: click here, Freddy’s Facebook page: click here
New to the Challenge? : Click Here for the Timetable & Introduction. So Are you Ready for change ? …. If it’s a YES then you are in the right place. Welcome to the worlds biggest Free workout class. Meet us in the living room ;) Freddy, Sean & Lisa-Marie.

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