$3,000 Futuristic Glasses Augmented Reality

Oh the ever marching beat of the future...the newest in the line is Infinity Augmented Reality, a New-York based tech company.  They are currently working on reality glasses which will enable them to calculate pool shots while playing, read the paper and read the video that goes along with a speech the president made, but perhaps most terrifying, the company promises instantaneous, high-tech PUA creeping. Yeah...about that one. The Daily Dot quotes Infinity AR on its product plan: "Infinity AR's software platform it will enable the use of such applications as facial, voice, and mood recognition. This futuristic phenomenon actually knows what you are doing, what you want, and when you want it based on information received from the connection to your smartphone or other mobile device." Screen_Shot_2013-12-15_at_11.58.44_AM_610x426 The promo video is some James Bond type who among other things uses his glasses to facebook stalk the bartender while talking to her.  Future PUA realizes that she is a Gemini. '"You don't happen to be a Gemini, do you?" asks Future PUA. "What, how did you know?" wonders Beautiful Bartender, who does not know that her customer is wearing a computer processer inside of his stupid eyewear. The augmented reality program analyzes her voice indicates that she is "intrigued." "Good," thinks the PUA of the Future, mentally rubbing his hands together like a fly that has just landed upon your sandwich as he smugly utters, "Just a hunch."' Screen_Shot_2013-12-17_at_9.13.18_AM_610x330 One the one hand...while such technology is quite astonishing...it's also rather creepy and it also brings up the question, if we all buy these rather dorky looking glasses will we be able to do anything without a computer ever again?  Asking a girl out doesn't require some sort of stealth stalking mission...you could just ask her instead of using technology. Besides the fact that the glasses are hideous...they will cost $3,000.  Can't think of many 'normal' people who could afford computer glasses.

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