#30daychallenge: Day 14- Just Dance

At first when I saw the workout I felt sad. I really like our tough workouts! I didn't exactly follow the video BUT I did dance for an hour and followed with the yoga sequence. I love to dance, this reminded me that I haven't been putting time aside to feel free in my movement. It also led me to realize that If you don't like something change it. I could have easily picked one of the other days to do if I didn't feel like following along, no one is forcing me to do this.

I went from being a complete lemon about today to finding a lot of joy and happiness. School was still far away but I absolutely love my major. I love learning about other people and how some of us have easily become marginalized. Knowledge is absolutely useless if you don't put it into action. I am choosing to be different than what I have been taught about others and to challenge popular culture.

Don't feel sucked into the flow, sometimes you have to go against it.

I ate well today.


Eggs and Oatmeal

Snacks: Almonds and an Apple

Snack: A banana

Lunch: Eggs( I love them) wrapped in a flax seed wrap

Dinner: Ahi Tuna, a sweet potato and sauteed green beans

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