#30daychallenge-Day 8:Working through the pain

I am doing Day 8 but it's actually Day 9 and a rest day for all of you. I woke up yesterday and DID NOT want to workout. I had everything set up but my body was not into it and I refuse to half ass anything. I took the day off and went off to work.

I haven't been able to sleep lately. I have a lot on my mind and being a single parent does not help. I'm lucky to have an ex who loves his son and does want to spent time but just doesn't have any. I would not recommend a split home to anyone, EVER.

You make choices, not always the right ones in hindsight. You live and learn right?

BUT that was still not an excuse to sulk and feel bad for myself or my past decisions. So TODAY I am working through the physical and mental pain. My Fight Club family went through a killer workout yesterday so I will be doing the same today.

Remember to tighten your core: pulling your belly button up towards your spine.

The hardest part about this workout was the 180 ninja tucks..take it slow and breathe. I promise your legs are going to feel like jelly :)

Same with life; take your struggles in slow and breathe them out. Letting their poison leave your body with every breathe.

Happy Training, sweating and loving another day that you've been given.



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